Learnwithbaykes Digital Marketing Inc. knows what affiliates want, so we keep it simple:

  • The highest CPA rates and rate-matching

  • Guaranteed and on-time payments

  • Ability to build-out custom campaigns

  • Access to a wide-range of offers including dedicated individual Account Managers, , and scalable solutions


At Learnwithbaykes Digital Marketing Inc., our primary objective is to empower your success. We aim to maximize your profits by matching or surpassing competitors' payouts, adapting rates as your business grows, and expediting payment schedules. Additionally, we're dedicated to enhancing your brand's reach through customized campaigns managed by your personal Account Manager. Our goal is to be your sole destination for performance-based marketing solutions. Let's embark on this journey to success together; get started with us today!

  1. Competitive Prices

  1. Multiple Campaign Access

  1. You Increase Quality Volume, We Increase Your Rate

  1. Guaranteed Payments According to Your Payment Cycle


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